My first Engrish Submissions


Poetry is what gets lost in translation. ~ Robert Frost

Some of you may be familiar with the humorous site  It documents translation mistakes, mostly on commercial products and signs, displaying awful English, not to mention unintentional double entendres. 

Mar27a Above is my first encounter with Engrish in real life, at the local FoodMaxx store.  Note that not only is chili mispelled on the packaging, but on the shelf labels as well (chilli).  Nice.  Finding one of these made me all warm and fuzzy inside (chilly does that ;). 

Also shown here is one that Larry found at Best Buy.  I wonder what they were trying to say instead of "wonderful life should with you"?

An emotional banana


“My baby is freckled and sweet, just like a perfect banana.” From my never published country song of the same name.

I just found out that you can draw with a sharp object on a banana skin, and a few minutes later, it shows up in stark relief.  I can’t wait to show my kids.

Bloom county


“If your heart is a volcano, how shall you expect flowers to bloom?” ~ Kahlil Gibran

The almond blooms, which you've seen from afar the last two days, are quite pretty up close.  Enjoy.  Oh, and enjoy one of my favorite Bloom County strips below.



The value of (LOL)Cats


“I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul.” ~ Jean Cocteau (1889 – 1963) French poet

I am a “cat person” – I mean, I like all animals, including dogs, but I wouldn’t live with other animals.  Dogs are for people who like to play and activity, generally speaking.  Cats and cat people prefer repose and quiet meditation, with occasional but less frequent play.

Having pets really enriches the home environment.  And it teaches children how to be gentle, how to respect nature (esp. when the cat decides to use its claws to get a point across), and how to enjoy nature too.  My kids love the cats, though they are still learning not to chase, antagonize, or carry the cats around like dolls.

Lolcat I made the “LOLCat” above because LOLCats are a perfect fusion of geekdom and cat loving.  Of course, now there are also LOLDogs (what copycats, er dogs), and even better, an entire pidgin language called LOLSpeak has evolved, leading to the pinnacle of any language, a LOLCat Bible Translation Project.  For example, check out this verse, in English, then in LOLSpeak:

John 3:16 (NKJ)
For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

John 3:16 (LOL)
So liek teh Ceiling Kitteh lieks teh ppl lots and he sez ‘Oh hai I givez u me only kitteh and ifs u beleeves him u wont evr diez no moar, kthxbai!’

Needless to say, I will have to own that translation – or “pwn” it, actually – how could it not be great?

The 365 Photo Challenge


“I didn’t need to see that.” ~ Squidward

My friend Larry has challenged me to take the 365 Photo Challenge – take one photo a day and blog it.  That’s it.  Self-indulgent?  You bet.  Fun?  Probably.  Here’s a photo for ya.  My New Year’s birthday cake, with my favorite SpongeBob character on it.  Now leave me alone.