Splenda sickness



Though some can consume Splenda and sucralose without immediate symptoms, some Splenda users react quite negatively. Symptoms vary widely, so if you have unexplained problems that began since you started using Splenda or sucralose, look here for symptoms like yours. Rescue a friend or relative too. ~ From Splenda Sickness

I've been drinking way too many diet colas over the past couple of years, and for a lark, I decided to switch from Nutri-sweet products to sucralose (Splenda).  What a mistake!

I began having strong dizzy spells at work, feeling like I was going to fall over.   A quick google turned up lots of links like Splenda Sickness.  I'm sure nutri sweet is no better.  Water, here I come!

This photo is my last three sucralose colas, which I left out for the vultures at work.