First day of T-ball



I’m convinced that every boy, in his heart, would rather steal second base than an automobile.  ~ Tom Clark

Mar13a This past weekend was the opening day for Patterson Little League, and it was sunny but COLD, which is why my 4-year-old has his jacket over his jersey.  It was a big deal in our small town.  A firetruck led the parade from the center of town to the baseball field, and all the teams followed in a parade behind them. 

My boy is growing up so quickly, but he’s still cuddly, especially when he is tired.  One day he will be a man, but we cherish all the days of his boyhood, and hope to make them as safe and happy as we can. 

Sons are special in ways that daughters are not, and vice versa.  He loves to roughhouse – not just play at hitting and aggression, but really trying to inflict a little pain.  Heheh, keep it in check boy.  Not everybody likes horseplay.

Here’s the route the firetrucks took.

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