Even more fun



Engineers like to solve problems. If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own problems.  ~ Scott Adams  

Feb21b My Uncle Bob was here this weekend (in photo enjoying my cat), and he seemed to enjoy lending a hand putting together a new track configuration for my boy.  

His contribution to our track making is the triangle intersection, shown above.  I would never have thought of that.  

It was nice to see family, and we all realize that we don't do it enough.  Hope to visit him soon, and have some videos and pics ready to start documenting our family history.

In fact, I've already started our genealogy on geni.com, and I am about to use the services of scanmyphotos.com, a unique and affordable scanning service that sends you a box and will scan in as many pics as you can fit.  

They have a buy two get one free deal.  Anyone want to go in with me? I can save you $50 on yours, I want two.  Thanks!