Las Palmas and Clone Brushes



Photoshop is useful in many ways but must NEVER be used for the altering of photographs. My assistants and my agency do whatever Photoshop work for me that may be required as it is too complicated for my brain. – Elliott Erwitt, Documentary Photographer

Feb17b One of the most unusual and pretty roads in my area is Las Palmas (the Palms) Blvd.  It's 3 miles of palm trees.  It's quite nice, but has a good bit of traffic.  This photo I took actually had a car in front of me, and so I decided to try to remove it using Paint Shop Pro (a Photoshop competitor).

It was a real challenge.  I was able to remove the car, but there are vestiges of it, like part of it's shadow, as well as the glare on the road from the now missing car.  I was also unable to remove the glare from the inside of my windshield.

If you click on the large image above, you will get a popup, and if you click on the right half of the image you can see the original at full size, and you can click on the left side of the second image to go back.  Go back and forth to see the differences between the original and the modified version.  Enjoy.

Palmas Also, here is a bit of the satellite view from Google maps – the palms are pretty close together!