Evil Cat gives me some karate



You will always be lucky if you know how to make friends with strange cats.  ~Proverb

My wife is not crazy about cats – partly because she didn’t grow up with them, but also, because she is Mexican.  Allow me to talk frankly about cultural differences for a moment, will you?

Americans treat their domestic pets like family.  They let them in the house, on the furniture, and on their beds.  In general, Mexicans are not like that.  They mostly prefer dogs to cats as pets, and they often keep their dogs outside.  They often view cats as aloof, dirty, and perhaps demon posessed ;).

In fact, I have relatives (on my wife’s side) that won’t sleep at our house because the cats are allowed on the beds, and they think that they have tracked feces and fur on them.  They are very aware of cat hair being on clothing and children.

Now, I have to admit, cats do sometimes track yuck in on their feet, but they are generally very clean.  They bathe themselves (unlike smelly dogs), and if you think that some magic happens between when your dog licks his butt and your face, you’re in for a surprise.

Karate But back to Mexicans and domestic animals.  We went to see a Latino comic the other day, and he was discussing why many of the Bible’ characters were Mexican.  Adam?  He was a gardener (God told him to take care of the garden).  Moses?  Took all of his people out of Egypt across a river border.  Joseph and Mary?  Named their child “Jesus.”  But Noah?  “Had to be a gringo, Mexicans don’t take care of animals.”

Still, I love my cats.  Neo, a.k.a. ‘fat cat’ a.k.a. ‘evil cat’ is showing his claws here, as well as his gut.  And here’s one of my favorite LOLCats: You want karate?