Evil Cat



Ceiling cat is watching you read this blog.  ~ Ceiling Cat

This is Neo, a.k.a. “fat cat.”  He’s a real Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, esp. in the morning, when he wants to be petted, but can turn into evil cat at a moment’s notice.  I made my first LOLcat in this recent post, and find it strangely fun.  After publishing it, I was surprised to find that many of my friends and family were not familiar with the LOLcat phenomenon.

Of course, you can read about it at wikipedia, so what is there for me to add?  Creating these “image macros” (not to be confused with macro photography) is pretty easy with today’s free image editing tools, I make mine on my phone.

Neo So let me talk more about evil cat.  He’s my first cat as an adult – when I got my own home, I got him.  A friend of mine found him in her back yard when he was 2 weeks old (that’s him to the right).  As you may know, cats eat only by nursing until they are six weeks old, so I had to bottle feed him every four hours for a month (with help from friends).  He was so tiny back then.

I think part of the reason he overeats AND is both ornery and loving is because of the fact that I could not feed and comfort him like his real mama.  He needs psychotherapy.  Some people would argue that all cats are a bit psycho, but that’s only true because most cats are abused.  My other cat is perfectly normal.  Just don’t ask my wife if she agrees – she thinks he’s codependent.

I do love this cat, he’s just like me – part ornery, part loving, and largely emotionally independent.  He plays rough enough – breaks the skin with both claws and teeth, but he means well.  I do enjoy his evil moods as much as his good ones.  He’s funny.  And not afraid of me.

Once i accidentally smacked him a little too hard on the rump (he was on the counter doing something evil), and instead of running away, he turned towards me, whipped his tail, and looked at me like he was going to attack me – he has followed and attacked my arms and legs, but I am still his master, and he knows it. 

I think my wife is afraid of him – I know my kids are careful to give him a wide berth when walking hear him in the morning – he’s clawed them more than once.  Each of my kids learned that hard lesson for the first time with him – don’t pull the cat’s tail or mess with him when his ears are back and his eyes are big.  That goes for Papa too kids.