Signposts – what were you about to say?


“The trouble with our age is that it is all signpost and no destination” ~ Louis Kronenberger

I took this pic and ran it through some filters on my phone.  I found these signposts, sans sign, kinda cool.  Someone wanted to say something big here, something you could see from the highway – were they selling gas, lodging, food, or were they about to put up a Jesus Saves sign?  Only history knows.

How many projects have I started, but left incomplete, to be eaten up by rust and time?  It's sad that many of us never finish what we really want to accomplish.  I am fighting with all my might to become a speaker, pastor, and writer, while at the same time holding down my current job (until the new one starts paying me more!), and raising a family. 

I don't want my life to be two rusty signposts that never got a sign. You?