Thoughtful design in everyday things



Design is intelligence made visible.  ~ Alina Wheeler

I have the opportunity to look at this lock a few times a day, and I noticed a few intriguing things about it.

First, it employs one-way screws – you can screw them in, but you can’t take them out!  Well, not without special methods, like using a Dremel tool to cut a slot in them so that a normal flathead screwdriver can remove them.  Ingenious!

I love smart designs that solve problems, like the new “spill proof” lips on detergent and side-cut can openers.  If you do too, you might like to read Cool Tools on a regular basis. 

Progress A second thing I noticed about this lock is the unique diamond shape of the slide-lock.  They could have made it square, but I betcha they save tons in metal costs by using this design.  And it’s probably just as strong, maybe stronger.

It makes me ask myself – where can I work smarter rather than harder?  My mom always said I was lazy, which may be partly true, but also, I am always looking for more efficient ways of doing things -as this poster from a woot contest says nicely.

My thoughts exactly.