A Respite at Starbucks



“Sometimes the most urgent thing you can possibly do is take a complete rest” ~ Ashleigh Brilliant

Ever want to just get everyone out of the house?  Here in the small central valley town I live in, there aren’t many choices nearby – it’s either the grocery store, a fast food joint, Denny’s, or Starbucks.  Today is my birthday (“New Years Baby”), but having small children means I don’t really get a day off.  This evening, we retreated to Starbucks for some milk chocolate (kids), a caramel macchiato (wife), and a 2 pump decaf soy mocha (no foam, no whip) for me.

When you and/or your kids are going bananas inside, where to you run out to?  McDonald’s playland?  Starbucks?  The playground nearby?