Let us not forget


I am not done remembering the horror of 9/11, and what we should have learned from it.

Some say we should have learned that we need to have a gentler foreign policy towards Muslim countries. That may be true.

Others have said that not only did we deserve 9/11 based on our foreign policy ‘sins’ against Muslims, but we deserved it as judgment for our other sins like abortion, sexual immorality, and greed. That too may be true, and is certainly in line with God’s judgment in the bible (see The Wrath of God I – Five Types of Divine Anger).

Still others say that this was the work of mere fanatics, and has no real relationship to Islam proper. Here, I must disagree. Did you see the reports of Muslims world wide celebrating the 9/11 attack? This is no minority. Worse, I think a majority of ‘peaceful’ Muslims agreed silently to themselves. There are plenty of surveys showing this to be true also.

My bottom line continues to be – Islam as an ideology is a scurge to be resisted, criticized, and overcome with better ideas like Christianity and secularism.