Mourning for Emma – loving our children


A couple whom we know from church has had a terrible tragedy - their toddler Emma wandered out into their back yard and drowned in the pool. We are all horrified, and weary just from our own grief over knowing the little girl and her parents. It is hard to imagine the grief, guilt, and regret of her parents, and our hearts go out to them in spontaneous prayer during the day and night.

I'm not going to post any pictures for a few days, until after her funeral this weekend.  But I will post some thoughts on this accident.

One of our reactions is feeling the fear of losing one of our own small children, and hugging them to our chest realizing that they are just as vulnerable. We linger longer over our goodbyes. We are a little more patient when they whine or complain, realizing that at least we have them with us. My wife and I realize that any of us could go any moment, and our "I love you's" involve a more lingering eye contact. Death seems more real when it touches nearby.