Apricot season



Most towns in the Central Valley of California have an annual harvest festival celebrating a main crop in the area.  Gilroy has it’s famous Garlic Festival, nearby Watsonsville has its huge Strawberry Festival in nearby Monterey, and my little hamlet has its Apricot Fiesta (yeah, definitely small town web site that needs help). 

Cherries This picture, similar to my photo of the cherries in the neighboring field (to right), shows the apricots almost ready for picking. My wife loves these things, but I just don’t like them – no matter how sweet an apricot you can find, I still find them too tart.  I just don’t like ’em.  Ick.

Here’s a few more versions of this photo – first, the original, un-enhanced photo, plus many others – the filters are still fun to play with, what can I say.

June21 June21b June21c June21e June21f June21g