A quarter million miles



Leave sooner, drive slower, live longer.  ~Author Unknown

Hard to believe it, but my car has gone 250000 miles!  It got a new engine, transmission, water pump and radiator at 190K, but the rest of it is original ;).  I can't believe I've had the same car for 10 years, and probably for at least two or three more.  What next?  We'll see what the remaining domestic automakers can turn out for me.

I buy domestic mostly because, up until recently, foreign car makers did not make big enough cars – you always had to pull up the driver's seat every time someone bigger than a child got into the seat behind you. Newer designs, like the Prius, seem to provide adequate leg room in front and back, but they still feel cramped.  However, I recently rode in a Murano, which seemed to have good leg room and elbow room, though not great gas mileage.

Maybe I'll get that Cadillac I've always wanted.  Hmmm.