Cube Toys



“It is better to play than do nothing” – Chinese Proverb

Those of us who have worked in IT forever know that cube toys are not only a reflection of our “I play with toys” geek identities, they help us all keep our perspective on our work, esp. when it gets overly serious.  If it ain’t fun anymore, why am I doing it? 

I have a few toys at my desk, but this is one of my favorites – not that I actually PLAY with it, but this Strogg just reminds me how much fun I had playing Quake 2 when I was younger and single, and how I used to rule the Friday afternoon Quake deathmatches here at the office (back when our company was small enough to do that – now it would be verboten).

Whether you sport radio-controlled cars, koosh balls, or nerf guns, you need some toys at work.  In fact, I need some new ones.  Hmmm.  What do you recommend?