Filters make the regular world fresh



“Get correct views of life, and learn to see the world in its true light. It will enable you to live pleasantly, to do good, and, when summoned away, to leave without regret.” ~ Robert E. Lee

Today’s pic is the light fixture above our table at Red Robin’s, taken on my Droids using the solarize filter. It made the yellow fixture just a little prettier.

To wax philosophic, I wonder if my world would be more fresh and interesting to me if I looked at it differently?

But shouldn’t we be happy with reality, not a filtered view?  I guess it depends.   Filters have many functions, including:

  1. Clarification – perhaps our view is muddied or unclear.  A filter can remove noise and add clarity.  Think of those blue-filter sunglasses.
  2. Enhancement – perhaps we only see the most obvious attributes of reality, and a filter could enhance less obvious, but equally real or important features so that we notice them.
  3. Transformation – this action may distort reality, but it can cause us to see objects totally differently, perhaps even find associations that we had formerly missed, or even cause us to fail to recognize an object.
  4. Masking – this is possibly the most potentially negative aspect of filtering – that of hiding attributes, either pleasing or displeasing.  This definitely leads to misapprehension of reality, which might be a bad thing.

Questions to ponder:

  • What filters do I use when experiencing life, and especially people?  Do they mask or transform so that I see inaccurately?
  • What filters could I employ to clarify or enhance my view of the world and others?
  • Should I attempt to view the world and people without any presuppositions or filters?  All or just some of the time?