Why blogging takes so much time – templates



“Form follows function – that has been misunderstood.  Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.”  ~ Frank Lloyd Wright

This picture is of Larry’s 365 site.  It looks better than mine – you know why?  It’s not just because he’s intelligent and good looking, it’s because he’s using WordPress, and I’m on Typepad.  Unless I go get some custom template (and there aren’t half as many for TP), I”m stuck with TP’s templates.

What can we learn from this picture?

  1. Half the time spent on blogging, for a lot of us, is spent tweaking the look and feel.  Yes, we know that content is the most important, but who wants a blog that looks so pre 2000?
  2. I have a nice 21 inch second monitor at home, set up in portrait mode, for browsing.  It is SOOO excellent, everyone should do it.  Now, to get a third monitor so I can have two of the portrait ones and one landscape. 
  3. Larry may be a better photographer than me – but hey, he does that as a pro, I’m just a guy with a cell phone. 
  4. WordPress may be better than Typepad.  But I have all my blogs at TP, so I ain’t moving soon.